Healthy Workplace in Lubbock

Why Wellness? Your wellness is a top priority at VTS Fabs LLC. We have adopted the motto, “Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well” from Dr. James L. Chestnut because we truly believe that if you are well in those areas, you can live a higher quality life. The benefits provided by VTS Fabs LLC are free of charge to all employees and dependents. If you are not on the VTS Fabs LLC insurance plan, you can still see our doctors for a fee. The Women's Workout is free of charge to spouses of VTS Fabs LLC employees. We are here to assist you in taking the motto from work into your homes.

VTS Fabs LLC employees also have the advantage of Veritas Medical Clinic and Innate Wellness Chiropractic, available on site and free of charge.

Eat Well

When VTS Fabs LLC Fabs moved to Lubbock, the majority of our employers still commuted from Littlefield each day. In 2006, our wellness program started with a meal provided to employees in order to help offset their commute costs.

Move Well

After extensive research, we saw more benefit in providing a gym on site than a membership for our employees at another gym in town. Our employees and their spouses have use of our on site gym facility.

Think Well

Every employee of VTS Fabs LLC spends one hour a week in education training. We offer courses on safety, OSHA requirements, financial planning, health, nutrition, communication and more. Our employees choose where they spend their education time based on what they want to know more about.